Essential Iodine Drops

iodine drops water-soluble
essential iodine drops

Essential Iodine Drops is the ONLY pure elemental iodine supplement globally – NON-ALLERGIC.

1 bottle is  approx. 1 month’s supply (600 drops)  30ml

    Suitable for vegans, no GMO, FREE from alcohol, preservatives, sweeteners, gluten.

✓ INSTANTLY ABSORBING FORMULA – tasteless, odourless

✓ EXACTLY 10 microgram elemental Iodine (I2) in 1 drop – you are in control

✓ Developed to help those suffering from iodine deficiency (2 billion people worldwide – WHO’s data) 

✓ Safe and pure – it occurs naturally in the body and is necessary for thyroid function

✓ Suitable and recommended during pregnancy, supports the children’s normal development

✓ Daily recommended use is 10-15 drops for adults and 20-22 drops during pregnancy

Iodine is naturally antiviral and antibacterial  – you can safely use it orally or on skin and on surfaces. Superior formula to Nascent, Povidone and Lugol’s Iodine as your body only need iodine.

Patenting in process. 

Elemental Iodine is

* vital for the HEALTHY THYROID functions which in turn aids TISSUE REPAIR, regulates METABOLISM  and promotes normal GROWTH and DEVELOPMENT.

* Essential for HEALTHY HAIR and SKIN

* Promotes DETOXIFICATION (kidney and liver)

* Critical in maintaining VISUAL function and EYE MOISTURE

Slowed down METABOLISM causes WEIGHT GAIN / OBESITY (NOT lifestyle related)


Iodine plays vital roles in children’s development:

WHO:  Young children are also particularly at risk because the brain still needs iodine for its development during the first two years of life. In addition, iodine deficiency in children is responsible for disorders in physical and cognitive development  and hypothyroidism.

iodine deficiency fatigue

All information on the website used WHO and National Institute of Health data.

Our Essential Iodine Drops is a food supplement.   

Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Daily recommended dose:

Adults 19 +: 10-15 drops

Children from newborn to 19 years old: up to 10 drops

During pregnancy or if breastfeeding: up to 22 drops

PLEASE NOTE that OTHER iodine products DO NOT CONTAIN purely ESSENTIAL IODINE – they contain iodide and iodate – not the preferred forms for the body. A stable liquid solution (can be stored for years), controllable doses.