Home Test caFIT Calcium Family Pack


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Our Home Test caFIT Calcium Family Pack

The package contains 4 sets of test. The test is designed to provide indication whether the calcium level in the body is optimal. excess or deficient .

Calcium is

vital for the proper for sensory processing

* Essential for MUSCLES, IMMUNE SYSTEM  and maintaining BONES and TEETH

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Product Description

Home Test CaFit Calcium Family Pack

Home Test CaFit Calcium to check calcium level at home

Calcium may be the most important mineral for the human body.

Calcium is an especially significant mineral for children and younger people whose bones are still growing. It also build teeth and protects immune system, and helps to sleep.

Medium term low calcium level may cause cramps, muscle pain, and sensory processing difficulties because of neuro-transmission issues between the nerves and muscles. Long term, low calcium level may lead to osteoporosis and cause bones to become more brittle.

Urine based (NOT blood test)