Home Test IoFIT Iodine Single Pack


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Our Home Test IoFIT Iodine  Single Pack

The package contains a set of test. The test is designed to provide indication whether the iodide level in the body is optimal. excess or deficient .

Elemental Iodine is

vital for the HEALTHY THYROID functions which in turn aids TISSUE REPAIR, regulates METABOLISM  and promotes normal GROWTH and DEVELOPMENT.

* Essential for HEALTHY HAIR and SKIN

* Promotes DETOXIFICATION (kidney and liver)

* Critical in maintaining VISUAL function and EYE MOISTURE

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Product Description

Home Test IoFIT Iodine Single Pack

Home Test IoFIT kit to check iodine level at home

Suitable and recommended during pregnancy, supports the children’s normal development.

Slowed down METABOLISM causes WEIGHT GAIN / OBESITY (NOT lifestyle related)


Urine based (NOT blood test)

Iodine plays vital roles in children’s development:

WHO:  Young children are also particularly at risk because the brain still needs iodine for its development during the first two years of life. In addition, iodine deficiency in children is responsible for disorders in physical and cognitive development  and hypothyroidism.