Home Test MgFIT Magnesium Single Pack


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Our Home Test MgFIT Magnesium  Single Pack

The package contains a set of test. The test is designed to provide indication whether the magnesium level in the body is optimal. excess or deficient .

Magnesium is

vital for the proper functioning of Nervous system

* Essential for MUSCLES, IMMUNE SYSTEM  and maintaining BONES’ STRENGTHS

* Interacts closely with other MINERALS and VITAMINS

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Product Description

Home Test MgFit Magnesium Single Pack

Home Test MgFit Magnesium to check magnesium level at home

Magnesium is essential mineral and deficiency is linked to Migraine, Headache, Muscle pain, rapid heart beat, Lack of Appetite.

Urine based (NOT blood test)

Magnesium plays essential roles in proper functioning of nerves system, muscles and it is also linked to bones’ strengths and proper functioning of over 300 enzymes.